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If you usually work with oddly shaped nuts and bolts, a universal socket tool is your best bet.

A toolbox isn't complete without a good socket wrench set. Socket wrenches are similar to standard wrenches in that they are designed to help mechanics loosen, tighten and remove any nuts or bolts that are in a vehicle or machine.

Step into the fastener section of any hardware store and you’ll notice that there are dozens, if not hundreds of different sizes and shapes of nuts, bolts, screws and nails. And if you’ve ever wished there was a one-size-fits-all tool for screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts, you’re in luck — universal sockets are the versatile tool of your dreams.

In some cases, it's a matter of having the right size tool for the job. That's especially true when you're loosening nuts and bolts -- you need to have the right size wrench or else you can damage the nut or bolt without ever removing it. However, if you have a universal socket wrench, you can remove any nut or bolt because the tool can adjust based on the size of the items you're removing. That can save you time and money when you're working on a project -- and keep your frustration to a minimum.


Our Universal Socket Buying Guide


The universal socket will let you screw/tighten basically anything. How it works is the inside of the device is filled with a ton of rods that self adjust and form to any shape that's stuck inside of it. No longer will you need a different device and/or socket size for each nut/bolt you need to fasten or unscrew, the universal socket adapts to every size.

How does a universal socket work?

The pins inside the head of the universal socket are spring-loaded. As the socket is placed over the head of a fastener, the pins in contact with the fastener head are depressed, leaving the remaining pins to surround and grip the fastener head.

This design allows universal sockets to fit many different fastener sizes and head designs, as well as enabling it to turn damaged fastener heads in some cases.

However, the pins inside the socket head do not depress very far, so the universal socket is only able to grip the top of a fastener’s head. Universal sockets can come in general socket sets.




The inside of the Socket contains 54 steel pins that can automatically adjust to fit everything from wing nuts, square nuts, broken or rusted nuts, hooks, along with any other shape you could imagine. When you slide a bolt or nut inside the chamber of the Universal Socket Tool, the steel pins will slide backwards to perfectly fit the shape of the nut and get a super tight grip around it so that you can easily fasten/unfasten it without ever changing out for a different socket size.


The universal sockets fit virtually anything that isn't round, including hex nuts and bolts 3/8" (7-19mm), wing nuts, square nuts, broken nuts, eyebolts, and hooks. Adjusting to fit nearly all shapes and sizes, It can easily handle damaged, rusted, and broken fasteners.

A universal socket wrench is a versatile tool that can save you time and money for lighter-duty jobs. This device fits securely over whatever it is that you need twisted off. It doesn't matter if it’s a 1/2-inch square bolt or a 12-millimeter hex bolt, you can use the same tool


Made of Chrome Vanadium steel.Its quick coupling handle is suitable for all electric drills and socket wrenches and the functional head is equipped with locking and magnetic devices to ensure that the socket will not fall. Even the flexible drill bit extension can be twisted and rotated at many different angles to drill into various tight spaces,allowing you easily to begin work.



  • Item name: Universal Socket Tools
  • Item Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel 
  • Finish TypePolished
  • Package Dimensions2.04*1.02*1.02inch
  • Compatible withSocket wrench/Drill/Driver
  • ShankHex 1/4"
  • SuitableFor screws,nuts and bolts Sizes 1/4”-3/4”(Metric 7mm-19mm)  and varying in shape


Tips and Advice

  • Use the right socket. If you have a universal socket wrench with rotating heads, you must still be careful to select the right socket; otherwise, you could strip the nut or bolt that you’re working on.
  • Center the nut or bolt in the wrench. When using a honeycomb universal socket wrench, do your best to get the nut or bolt in the center of the honeycomb, especially if you’re using an attachment for a power tool.
  • Take care using power tools with the socket wrench. Repeated use of a honeycomb universal socket wrench on the same nut or bolt can gradually round off the nut or bolt making it hard to fasten. This is more of a concern with power tool usage.
  • Keep your socket wrench clean. Occasionally, the springs in the rods of a honeycomb universal wrench may get stuck. This won't usually drastically affect the tool's functionality, but it’s best to keep all of your tools as clean and grease-free as possible.
  • Check the direction. Don't forget that a universal socket wrench is a directional tool. Make sure you set the switch in the proper position, so the tool functions as expected (tightens or loosens).


It’s a perfect gift idea for Dad, or the handyman, Husband, Boyfriend, Boy, Son, Brother, Teacher…in your life. Perfect for home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, and other household maintenance. The universal socket is able to replace both your metric and standard socket wrench sets due to its adaptability to any size, plus it even includes a bit adapter so you can attach it to any electric drill or screwdriver.

Want one? The Universal Socket is available now. BUY NOW>>>


  • Lord Ape

    My dad never really wants anything for christmas, so I wanted to thank you for the review because I think this will be a nice gift for him this coming holidays.

  • Brian Hinton

    The golden rule to drill small pilot hole first with those coach bolts, probably takes some of stress off the socket, I think a drill might be a dit aggressive for it, I would use an ordinary rachet wrench it myself, have a nice day all the best with it, Brian UK !!!.

  • Kristina

    Now I know a definite present for everyone in my family. You’re getting a socket.. you’re getting a socket.. EVERYONE IS GETTING A SUPER SOCKET!!! Thanks for the smile 😊 from a tomboy 37 yr young woman!

  • Curtis Drake

    Great product for around the house. Do not feel it would hold up to industrial maintenance setting.

  • Chadley

    Got my dad one of these for Christmas. He liked it. We’re trying to find something to challenge it. Rusted nut from machinery maybe.

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